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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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penalty against pg&e. plate this afternoon, san bruno city leaders responded. >> that there may be closure in the near term here for what has been a very long and difficult process for the community of san bruno and for the neighborhood and the victims. >> reporter: now, in a statement this afternoon, the utility, pg&e, said it does not believe criminal charges are merited. pg&e employees said that their employees did not intentionally violate federal guidelines. clearly, though, if the federal government files criminal charges, it's saying it can prove intent and criminal acts. raj. >> okay, tony, thank you very much. we have new developments now on the arrest of state senator leland yee. legally and politically this is a land mine. his attorney is privately mapping out his defense against the allegations of corruption and dealing firearms. now, we broke the story yesterday about the fbi sting. tonight once again we have multiple reports. we begin with nbc bay area's chase cane from the federal
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courthouse. many questions, chase, a few of them have been answered today. what do we know? >> reporter: well, i just got off the phone with leland yee's attorney and he says mr. yee has no plans to resign from state senate. he also said no request has been filed to ask for a leave of absence from the senate. that comes as senators feinstein and boxer are joining the chorus of people saying that leland yee should resign. if he does not do that tonight, in the morning at 9:00 a.m., senate democrats say they will vote to suspend him from office. just 17 hours after he stepped out of the federal courthouse, leland yee announced he is also stepping out of the race for secretary of state. >> i here by withdraw my candidacy for election of secretary of state effective immediately. with best regards, signed leland yee. >> reporter: that from yee's attorney, who refused to comment about much else, but yee's
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fellow san francisco senator did not hold back his feelings about yee dropping out of the race. >> i think that's completely appropriate. i don't know if that means his name will actually be off the ballot. i don't know if it's too late to do that, but i would hope that that would also be the case so that no one is confused or troubled by it. his name should not be on the ballot. >> what should he do regarding his senate seat? >> well, we've already asked that he step down. if he does not, the president pro tem of the senate has already announced that we will be voting on the floor tomorrow to suspend him. so leland yee will not be on the floor of the senate ever again. >> strong words, showing senate democrats mean business. last night in sacramento, party leaders had already stripped yee of all committee positions. but will yee resign from office or force senators to suspend him? well, his attorney just wouldn't say. >> we'll deal with the senate matter separately in due time.
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>> reporter: now, regardless of what happens, it is too late to hold a special election to refill yee's seat for the remainder of the year. i also just talked to the secretary of state's office and they said his announcement to withdraw from the secretary of state election just comes too late for them to remove his name from the ballot, so leland yee's name will still be on that june 3rd primary ballot. as for his criminal charges, he will be back here in federal court monday night but yee's attorney would not say what he expects to have happen then or if they plan to strike a deal with prosecutors. >> all right, chase, thank you. it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow morning in regards to a state senate seat. now the back lash stretches from the bay area to sacramento to washington. we mentioned u.s. senator and former san francisco mayor dianne feinstein. she says, quote, the allegations against senator yee are shocking. it has become clear he has lost the confidence of his colleagues and for the good of his constituents should step down. >> senator yee was not seen this
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public today and he's not answering questions about those corruption charges against him. however, the federal complaint outlines what agents say he did. let's bring in stephanie chuang who's in front of yee's home with more on the case against him and what it looks like. stephanie. >> reporter: good evening, jessica. first, no sign of leland yee here at his house in the sunset district, but today we did pore over the federal complaint. 137 pages long. here's a look at some of the allegations against the state senator and his good friend, two of the major players in this alleged criminal scheming. >> shocked. >> and why were you shocked? >> because as a senator, it seems to be a good example for citizens. >> reporter: neighbors of the state senator, leland yee, still can't get over the news that he's been accused of everything from bribery to trying to traffic guns into the
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philippines. a month ago he spoke at a san francisco gang dinner where he allegedly told the undercover fbi agents that he had a contact in the phillipines who was part of a movement of muslim rebel fighters trying to overthrow the government there, seeking firearms and rocket launchers in exchange for $2 million. one agent says last december he gave yee a check for $5,000 in exchange for a meeting with a supposed international weapons trafficker, with whom the state senator had alleged ties for years, and then there was the alleged murder-for-hire plot involving his good friend and campaign fund-raiser keith jackson and his 28-year-old son, brandon. one agent says he tells the jacksons he wants someone killed. the younger jackson allegedly said he or someone he knows could do it, then asks for details. is there an alarm? how many people are in the house? requiring up to three weeks to do homework on the intended target before, quote, the job will get done.
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and though the state senator hasn't been connected with that alleged plan, those who got to know yee in the neighborhood are stunned. >> i think he really worked for the people. i think he had a lot of integrity until this came down. >> reporter: overall the 26 people charged in this complaint come from san francisco, from the peninsula to down as far south as cupertino. some allegedly, according to this complaint, bragged about knowing people who could kill others, taking out targets from up to 1,000 yards away, so some chilling details there. now, coming up tonight at 6:00, you have a jew and then ross and now leland yee. will there be an impact on other asian americans trying to make it in politics. we speak with a local expert. city of new trau stephanie chuang. this whole ordeal surprising to so many people especially because yee was so outspoken in his support of gun control. >> i know how important dealing
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with gun violence is. all you have to do is to think about the young kids that were slaughtered in connecticut. >> you see the date there, that was last may of 2013, comments to us. it's an nbc interview. those were made last year referring to the sandy hook elementary school killings that killed 20 first graders in 2012. now, in 2006 yee was named to the gun violence prevention honor roll by the brady campaign for his efforts but now the fbi accusing him of attempting to deal guns and other weapons. stay with us on air and online at you'll find our exclusive video, photos and the detailed criminal complaint. new video of an unusual and eerie sight. check this out, it is a tornado in northern california. the video courtesy of our nfl affiliate in chico taken yesterday in the city of willows. one of four twisters reported in that area. now looking live over san jose,
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no funnel clouds or tornados, thankfully, but we do have another storm moving in. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now. a lot of activity out there. >> we've had some showers passing over the south bay hilltops a couple of hours ago. you're seeing some of that moving off to the south and east. offshore we've got another storm system lining up. by this time tomorrow it will be spilling some rain out of the north bay and heading south. so our impacts, as you head outdoors tomorrow, mild temperatures. actually in the south bay could see 70s around san jose. north of the golden gate, scattered showers. as we head into tomorrow for the morning commute heavy rain at times for the north bay and some impacts in our forecast as we head into the weekend. everything is starting up. scattered showers for me. we'll have a full look at your hour-by-hour forecast and how much rain we expect out of the system coming up in just a few minutes. well, guess who's back in town? the giants and the a's. baseball season is here, almost. the giants are back on nbc bay
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area. we have a game tonight. the giants hosting the athletics at china basin. good to see you, jerrod and better yet, great to see the ballpark behind you. >> reporter: it's a beautiful night for baseball. tim hudson against scott kazmir. for both of these squads this is the final three-game set before opening day on monday for both teams. but one of the biggest attractions about this series for both squads is the fact they get to come back home. friendly crowds. they get to sleep in their own beds and even eat at their favorite restaurants. i spoke with brandon belt about the luxuries of being back in the bay. >> i can speak for everybody. when we walked into the stadium we were excited to see all the seats again and just be back in this atmosphere, so it's a lot of fun for sure. >> reporter: what is the biggest thing about being home -- what is your comfort about being home? >> you know, i think just the
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part of it is just the energy from the fands that we feed off of. i think it helps us play better here. we have an advantage when we play at home, obviously, so just the ability to have the advantage and come out and win ball games. >> reporter: brandon already hit one of his favorite restaurants, the melt, for a belt melt. he told me earlier. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from manager bruce bochy. reporting live, now back to you. >> all right. we see the giants taking some batting practice right behind you. once again giants and a's right here on nbc bay area. tonight's game starts at 7:00. and then an all new episode of "parenthood" is coming up right after the game. still to come here, talking about her daughter. jahi's mother opens up. how she says her daughter is doing months after medical officials declared her brain dead. i'm marianne favro live in fremont where a memorial is growing for a marine who was killed by an alleged drunk
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driver. today the man accused of killing him was in court. we'll have that story coming up in a live report. i have learned the love of god. >> he's dedicated his life to serving those who serve. tonight san jose's police chaplain reflects on the highs and lows of his volunteer work. then at 6:00, a new crusade to get rid of the geese. >> you know, while they're majestic to see, they create quite a mess here in the park. >> how one city in the south bay is trying to solve its goose problem with birth control. that's new at 6:00. [doorbell rings]
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call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. we have new details in the deadly accident in the east bay. this is a man accused of hitting and kill a u.s. marine in fremont. he stood quietly in court today as he faced murder charges. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us in fremont this evening
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where a memorial is growing for lance corporal andrew silva. >> reporter: hello, raj. the scene here is very touching. all day long friends, family and even strangers have been stopping by to pay their respects at andrew silva here at the intersection where he was killed. you can see there are photos of him. his combat boots and gear and even one of his favorite meals. today the man accused of hitting and killing him while allegedly driving drunk was in court. alexander yon is accused of murder, vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run. his arraignment was postponed until next tuesday. today, silva's family told me that 23-year-old andrew silva was not just a great marine, he was a great dad to his 2-year-old son, noah. >> he was a really great dad, actually. he puts his son above everything else. whatever his son wanted, he gave it to him. that's the type of person andrew was. if my nephew wanted to play at
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3:00 in the morning, he'd get up at 3:00 in the morning and start playing with my nephew. >> reporter: silva had just returned from a tour of duty in afghanistan and was driving home from his parents' house when he was hit. his dad told me that silva had just bought his motorcycle four weeks ago. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the smoke from a house fire in east san jose could be seen for miles around today. that fire broke out around 2:00 in the afternoon in a home near the 680 freeway. the san jose fire department put out the fire in about 45 minutes but not before it burned through most of that house. luckily, no one was hurt. firefighters are still trying to fig o figure out what exactly started it. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. there's a lot of rain in your forecast. >> this is good news for the drought that's ongoing. we're looking at the rain and a lot of sierra snow about to come on in. right now an in between moment
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between two weather systems. we still have the clouds around the bay area. in the santa cruz mountains, a few showers out there. 63 in san jose, partly cloudy skies and some sunny breaks around san francisco. the game should be just fine but some passing showers possibly north of the golden gate over the next three hours or so. right now you can see we've had a few showers out by scots valley along highway 17. that moisture is forced to rise over the west side of the santa cruz mountains. that's enough to wring out some showers at times and the air dries out. you can see a lot more cloud cover here offshore. that's going to sweep through during the day tomorrow which will bring us the chances of seeing rain, especially all day for areas santa rosa northward. we'll get this picking up in coverage and intensity heading through tomorrow morning. look at saturday, you can see the cold front here. this is friday night into saturday, moving through the bay area. the heaviest rain we'll see over the next two days coming in friday night into saturday morning. saturday afternoon a slight risk of a thundershower as cooler air
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sweeps on in. and the second half of the weekend things will dry out. if you're making weekend plans, sunday looks to be the drier of the two days. rain totals pretty impressive. you'll see totals getting up close to about anywhere from a half inch to a third of an inch of rain. but it's the sierra that will see the most out of the system. we're talking 3 feet of snow coming down between tomorrow through the night on saturday. 1 to 3 feet of snow. wind gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour. and chain controls obviously going up. right now winter storm watch but that's just a play on words. that will be upgraded to a warning very likely during the day tomorrow. that's good news there in the sierra as we go through the weekend. you see these totals adding up along interstate 80 and highway 50. it does look like some of these peaks may get close to 36 inches of snow. that's the good news. snowpack recovery for parts of the sierra was ego through the weekend. tomorrow, low 70s in san jose. we may stay rain-free for areas
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south of san francisco through the day tomorrow but closer to san francisco you'll see more clouds and certainly the better chance to see rain for the north bay during the day friday. then the rain line slips to the south as we head through the evening so plan on a rainy start to the evening. slight risk of thunder too. sunday looks dry. san francisco, coming up tonight here on nbc bay area should be just fine. we're looking at passing clouds. first pitch should see temperatures near 60 with partly cloudy skies. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead, she took matters into her own hands. her resourceful way a woman tracked down her stolen puppies. also -- >> she's still asleep so i'm just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery. >> an exclusive interview with the mother of jahi mcmath, the girl who was declared brain dead after tonsil surgery in oakland. we're back in a moment.
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only on nbc, an update on 13-year-old jahi mcmath. she's the oakland girl who was declared brain dead following tonsil surgery last year in oakland. her family is being honored tonight for their battle to keep her on life support. >> she's still asleep. i don't use the word brain dead towards my daughter. she's still asleep so i'm really just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery. >> that's jahi's mother. now, nailah winkfield spoke to us exclusively from philadelphia today. jahi's family went to court to keep her on life support. she's now in an undisclosed facility out of state. >> i've never met any people that nice and they all treat my daughter like the 13-year-old girl she is. they come in there, they call her by name. they all come in there and look at her nails and her toes to see
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what color i have done for the week. >> of that the story that made national headlines. every friday she gives her daughter a manicure and pedicure because that's what they used to do at home in the east bay. coming up at 6:00, she talks about what life is like staying with jahi and living away from the rest of her family. lost and found, a pair of stolen puppies back with their owner tonight in the east bay. two german shepherd puppies were stolen last week. the resourceful owner looked on craigslist and sure enough found a listing for her puppies. she arranged a meeting with the seller. when she confronted the man, he ran off. san leandro police arrested the man, richard coleman, for possession of stolen property and extortion. the dogs are safely back with their owner. we'll show you the way hundreds of children honored civil rights leader cesar chavez next.
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here's what we're working on for our 6:00 newscast. a new batch of tech workers. the increasing number of people with autism getting into high tech. the notable silicon valley recruiting people with autism. hundreds of children filled the streets of san jose this morning in honor of civil rights activist cesar chavez. students and families from the allen rock elementary union school district start their annual march at dorsa elementary and ended at the mexican heritage plaza where they celebrated the life of the united farm workers founder. >> it's very important.
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to keep the leg acy of cesar, what he did, what he suffered for and to teach the kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. >> as he said. this coincides with the release of the new movie. for close to 30 years, he served those who served but soon the chaplain of the san jose police department will be leaving his post. >> the chaplain is usually a volunteer position but tonight it's a full-time job. for 28 years he's been giving them their money's worth. garvin thomas joins us with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: adds a chaplain you expect him to be familiar with all types of leaps of faith. but in the 1980s when he was asked to be police chaplain, he was told they weren't sure he'd be paid every week. it was a leap of faith he took and in turn, he has paid them back in good times and in bad. >> hey, rick, how ya doing? >> reporter: if there's one thing dave has learned during
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his time with the san jose police department -- >> how's your little ones? >> reporter: it's that there's no such thing as small talk. >> good to see you again. >> reporter: when you're chaplain to a big city force. >> take care. >> reporter: dave, you see, believes all those little conversations he's had over the past three decades in hallways, squad cars and crime scenes have paved the way to his office when it's time for a big one. >> this wall -- these walls can tell a lot of stories. >> reporter: the chaplain's walls most recently can be found in a donated office atop a san jose funeral home. the ice box, as officers call it, is something of an unofficial cop clubhouse, at times packed for an informal lunch. other times it's a single officer and a serious talk. >> i have learned the love of god and to see them in the good times and the bad times. >> reporter: and for 28 years
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chaplain dave has made it his mission to be there for both. on the good days he's blessing weddings and baptizing babies. on the bad days, burying officers. the absolute worst, one day in january 25 years ago. >> it was my day off, and i got a call. >> reporter: two officers had been shot. gene simpson dying at the scene. gordy silva later at the hospital. it was chaplain dave who broke the news to most of simpson's family, just not his parents. >> and they pulled up and they heard it on the radio. >> reporter: dave swore that day to never let it happen again on his watch, and it never has. but chaplain dave's watch is now ending. parkinson's disease is slowing him down, and dave says if he can't be there in those everyday
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moments, he's not the right guy for the special ones, and it's time, after all these years, for someone else to serve those who serve. dave's last day on the day full time will be june 1st but he says he's not going anywhere completely. he still has 20 hours a week and would still like to volunteer for the san jose police department. >> very nice, thank you, garvin. let's get a final look at our weather forecast from rob. >> right now partly cloudy skies over san francisco. should be fine for the game coming up, the giants and a's. the forecast tomorrow north of the golden gate is where things begin to change. rain spilling into the north bay for tomorrow morning's commute. by this time tomorrow, this next storm mainly impacting friday night into saturday so it does look like a wet and at times windy start. >> i have a tee ball game saturday morning. does that look okay? >> not so good. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. >> we'll hope to see you at 6:00. bye-bye.
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on the broadcast tonight, warning signs. stunning news about autism in america and the soaring number of children being diagnosed. the heroic effort on the mountain as the tragedy grows. an incredible story of survival, the children who made it out alive. undercover bust at one of the busiest airports in america. what all travellers worry about, who is rifling through your luggage. papal visit. the president and pope together at the vatican. and the amazing friendship. a little girl, her big hero, and how their story is inspiring so many people. "nightly news" begins now.


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